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If you are busted with cannabis, you don’t need a criminal lawyer, because you aren’t a criminal. At Roper & Mehler, we do not believe the cannabis plant should be a crime, and we are dedicated to aggressively fighting the government about cannabis.

Our firm is built on years of trial experience in a criminal courtroom. We’ve tried everything from paraphernalia tickets all the way up to murder. We have used that experience to shape us into skilled and passionate trial lawyers. Now, we have taken those skills and focused them on cannabis.

In addition to defending cannabis users in a criminal context, we also help entrepreneurs looking for consultation and advice about the ever-developing Texas cannabis industry.

Megan Roper

Megan Roper is a proud Texas native. She enjoys aggressively defending her fellow Texans when they are accused by the Government. Megan believes that cannabis should not be a crime, and she is an open advocate for reform of cannabis laws.

Daniel Mehler

Lawyer, activist, speaker. Daniel is an award winning litigator, cannabis activist, and former grower. Want to know more?

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