Dismissed – Possession of Marijuana – 6/16/16

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Today in Bexar County Court 11, the state dismissed the possession of marijuana charges pending against our client. We’re thrilled with this outcome!

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Dismissed – DWI Marijuana – 6/16/2015

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Today in County Court #11 in Bexar County, Texas our client had his DWI based on marijuana intoxication dismissed. After the blood was suppressed, the state was forced to concede and dismiss the case.

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Dismissed – Possession of Marijuana – 6/8/2015

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Another day in court and another marijuana dismissal for the Dopest Lawyer in Town.

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Dismissed – Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle – 6/4/2015

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Our client is extremely happy to have the felony charges against him dropped prior to indictment. Our office investigated the matter thoroughly and was able to produce the witnesses to prove to the State of Texas that our client was not responsible for the alleged crime. They agreed to dismiss the case as a result.

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Dismissed – Racing on a Highway – 5/20/15

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Today in County Court 9 of Bexar County, Texas our client had the racing on a highway charges against him dismissed following an aborted attempt to pick a jury. The State of Texas demanded $125,000 in restitution. Our client simply did not commit the offense charged. He is eligible for an expunction which will allow him to completely clear his record of the arrest and he will not have to pay any restitution.

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