We can handle any kind of criminal accusation, from traffic tickets to serious felonies. We handle all aspects of criminal matters as well as post convictions appeals. This includes:


Possession of a Controlled Substances

Sexual Assault



Evading & Resisting Arrest

Possession of Marijuana

We can also handle civil cases related to criminal matters, such as:

Occupational Driver’s Licenses

Administrative License Revocations

Asset Forfeitures

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Can I refuse to do field sobriety tests?

Absolutely! In fact, we advise all of our clients to politely refuse to cooperate with any roadside tests. These tests are only designed to help the police gain evidence against you.

Can obstruction of a highway count as a first DWI when someone gets a second DWI?

No. Obstruction of a highway cannot be used to enhance a new charge to a DWI 2nd.

I refused to give a breath test. Can my punishment be more severe because of this?

DWIs are complicated. Not only do you have to worry about the criminal case, but the driver’s license issues that go along with DWIs can be very complicated and confusing. Refusing to take a breath test will not make the punishment more harsh in the criminal case, but it will make an administrative driver’s license suspension* longer (180 days instead of 90 days – typically, though the length of suspension can vary based on your driving record history). If the DWI goes to trial, the fact that you refused to give a breath test can be used as evidence.

*Please know, there are two driver’s license suspensions that can happen as a result of a DWI – one at the beginning of the process called an administrative suspension; the other suspension can happen if you are convicted of a DWI.