NOT GUILTY – Assault – 1/14/16

Posted on Jan 14, 2016

In Bexar County Court #7, our client heard the two sweetest words he’ll ever hear, “Not Guilty,” twice today. He was charged with Assault Bodily Injury Married and Interfering with an Emergency Call. The State of Texas brought the purported victim to court and under an intense cross examination, her story began to crumble. We sent it to the jury with a confidence that our argument was strong. 20 minutes later, the jury returned an...

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We started out the new year right with a dismissal in Bexar County Court #7. Our client was originally charged with a felony, which was reduced and reassigned to Judge Euginia Wright’s court. In court on the day of trial, the State tendered a dismissal. This happened after we had attempted, unsuccessfully, to pick a jury in the case.

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Dismissed – Assault – 10/20/2015

Posted on Oct 20, 2015

Today in County Court #12 in Bexar County, our client had the case against him dismissed. This case involved a bar fight and our client is happy to be able to move along from the unfortunate incident.

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